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Jan 31

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1/31/2010 9:45 PM 

Do you want to play women's field hockey in college and get a field hockey scholarship? You will if you follow these tips and avoid the most common mistakes we see scholastic field hockey players making every year. Field hockey does not have a large number of scholarships like soccer, but there are still almost 1,100 scholarships between Division I and DII.

College field hockey is classified as an "equivalency sport." The scholarships can be divided up amongst multiple athletes. While there are only 12 scholarships per team in NCAA Division I, often as many as 25 players will receive scholarship money to play college field hockey. Of course if you are among the top 5% of players in the country, you will be able to earn a full ride.

Usually field hockey scholarships are increased every year you play also. As you perform better from freshman to sophomore year and so forth, the coach will increase the amount of your scholarship.

With 77 Division I colleges and 26 Division II colleges that offer field hockey scholarships, recruiting for field hockey is much easier than other sports. With only 100 schools, you are able as a recruit to contact every school individually and let them know about your abilities, on and off the field.

Your grades are important if you want to play college field hockey. By having less that a B average, you exclude yourself from over 50% of Division I colleges. The best thing you can do for your college field hockey career is to have a GPA higher than that.

Learn 5 mistakes players make when getting recruited for a field hockey scholarship here.

You won't be able to get a field hockey scholarship if coaches don't know about you. Make a scholarship packet that has the information college recruiters need to tell them you are the recruit for them. Include game films, an athletic resume, a personal resume and specific items that will help you stand apart from the competition.

It is also very crucial that you contact coaches and be able to build relationships with them. Recruiting for scholarships is still a very personal business. Coaches need to feel comfortable with you both as a player and person before they will offer you any womens field hockey scholarship money.

Common mistakes we see players make every year that kill their scholarship chances include, quitting during the recruiting process. Letting their grades slip. Displaying a poor attitude on the field. Not calling coaches directly every week. And most importantly waiting too long to start their recruiting.

Learn how to get a Field Hockey Scholarship here.

Learn 5 mistakes players make when getting recruited for a field hockey scholarship here.


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