Sunday, June 12, 2011

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Conditioning Classes


The 3 Lions goal for conditioning is to get a player 100% ready both physically and mentally for the coming season through a series of calistenics, dynamic movement, and fitness and agility skills.

Conditioning is offered to individuals from fourth grade to adult. And not only is it applicable to people that play sports, but also people of all ages that may just want to stay in good health and at the top of their game.

Conditioning can be sport or individual specific, with familiar drills run on equipment like hurdles, ladders, wind chutes, and many more.

No player can expect to reach their full potential at any sport if they are not fully conditioned before the start of the season.

Conditioning will also help prevent injuries that may prolong or halt the progress of an individual's progress and development, as all sports are 75% fitness.

Core Strength & Stability

Stability and core strength has been proven by science over the last several years to be key not only to athletes but also to all people in everyday life. And in our conditioning sessions, we emphasize both strenghtening and use of all core muscles, along with stability and balance drills.


Endurance is key to all sports lasting more than 5 minutes. As no matter how good you are, if you cannot compete for the full length of time you will find yourself at a great disadvantage. Our conditioning sessions will ensure that not only can your endurance take you to the end of the game but also keep you running at 100% way past the final whistle.

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