Sunday, June 12, 2011

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About 3 Lions Field Hockey

3 Lions Field Hockey serves the Fauquier, Loudon, and Prince William counties in Virginia.

3 Lions Field Hockey is in its second year of operation and is a new field hockey travel team and coaching school. The goal of 3 Lions Field Hockey is to promote local field hockey, to share the love and passion we have for the game of field hockey, and to create some very competitive field hockey teams.


Why Choose Us?

We are working towards taking 3 Lions Field Hockey to its full potential.

We offer individual and small group private hockey lessons. We will also be looking at entering teams and playing in tournaments throughout the year. As we continue to grow we will look into fielding u-12, u-14, u-16, and u-19 teams.

If you are interested in joining us as a team member or for coaching sessions, please contact us. This is an exciting place to be - for us and for you - a new, up and coming travel field hockey team with the desire to improve hockey skills and to share and promote the passion of the game.

Please feel free to share our information with your friends, students, and other hockey enthusiasts! We look forward to having you join us.


Our Principles

Goals for Conditioning
3 Lions goal for conditioning is to get a player 100% ready both physically and mentally for the coming season.

Full Potential
No player can expect to reach their full potential at any sport if they are not fully conditioned before the start of the season.


Our Advantages


  • Improve Stability and Core Strength

  • Reduce Risk of Injury

  • Increase Endurance

  • Become Fully Conditioned for the Sport

  • Be 100% Ready, Physically and Mentally

  • Elite Travel Teams

  • Individual and Team Coaching

  • Area and Regional Competitions

  • Experienced and Dedicated Coaching

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